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2.1.1 Staff Personnel Policies

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This policy describes general information on the development of, administration of, and decisions about personnel policies at Stanford University.


Approved by the Vice President of Human Resources.

1. Purpose

Staff personnel policies and procedures have been developed on topics that are:

  • Required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and/or
  • Considered essential in an organization the size and scope of Stanford.

The policies and procedures are intended for supervisors and administrators to:

  • Provide guidance for consistent personnel actions and decisions, and
  • Establish generally applicable performance and behavior expectations in the workplace.

For employees, violation of any policy or procedure described in Chapter 2 (or any other applicable University policy or procedure) may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Many of these policies extend to students and others who work for, or provide services to Stanford. Disciplinary action for these community members are delegated to the appropriate authority.

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2. Policy Authority

a. Policy Development
Personnel policies are approved and authorized by the Vice President of Human Resources, in consultation with Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts and other University officials.

b. Policy Revisions
Send proposals for policy changes to the Vice President of Human Resources for study and recommendation. Approved changes are published in the Administrative Guide and may be communicated in the Stanford Report or by written notice to officers and administrators. Changes in policies for benefit plans (e.g., health, life insurance, disability, and retirement) are reflected in the summary plan descriptions and brochures of the individual plans.

c. Policy Interpretation
Questions regarding policy interpretation should be brought to the attention of senior management and/or your local Human Resources office.

d. Alleged Policy Violations
Suspected policy violation information should be brought to the attention of local senior management and/or local Human Resources office.

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3. Administration of Staff Personnel Policies

University officers and administrators, both academic and nonacademic, are responsible for the administration of University policies and procedures including those applicable to staff. Supervisors who work for officers and administrators are responsible for ensuring that individual employees receive information about personnel policies and procedures as well as providing policy interpretations and/or referrals to appropriate resources.

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4. Exceptions to Personnel Policies

In the event an exception to established policy appears to be necessary, the unique facts of the situation should be discussed in advance with an appropriate representative from Human Resources, usually an Employee Relations Representative. When necessary, cognizant Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts or University officers will be included in the decision-making of proposed exceptions. Exceptions to personnel policies must be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources, or his/her designee.

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