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2.3.4 University Housing Programs

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This Guide Memo provides information on University housing programs available to eligible faculty (and certain executive staff positions as designated by the Provost's Office).


Approved by the Provost.


Information about eligibility for University Housing Programs can be found on the Faculty Staff Housing website or by calling (650) 725-6893.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the University's housing programs is to further Stanford's objectives of teaching and research. Access to affordable housing is essential if the University is to recruit and retain outstanding faculty. University housing programs available to faculty (and certain senior staff positions as designated by the Provost's Office) are designed to mitigate the effect of the high cost of local housing in a cost effective manner with available financial, administrative and land resources.

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2. Responsibility

Faculty Staff Housing (FSH) administers the University's housing programs, and monitors eligibility requirements and guidelines for the programs.

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3. Policies and Procedures

To qualify for University housing programs, one must meet the criteria for an Eligible Person. Information about current housing programs and eligibility criteria is available from the FSH website. You may contact FSH by calling (650) 725-6893 or emailing The Faculty Staff Housing office is located at Owen House, 552 Lane A, Stanford, CA 94305-8630. Programs and eligibility requirements are subject to modification or discontinuation without notice by the University.

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