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2.4 Employment General Information

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2.4.1 Visas for and Employment of Foreign Nationals

This Guide Memo contains policies on obtaining entry visas for foreign nationals visiting Stanford and links to web pages detailing procedural information.

2.4.2 Directories and Distribution Lists

The University maintains lists of names, addresses, telephone numbers and electronic mail accounts of individuals and organizations of importance to the University. This Guide Memo sets forth policies concerning use of such...

2.4.3 Stanford Identification Cards

This Guide Memo lists identification cards used at Stanford University and indicates their uses.

2.4.4 Property and Liability Insurance

This Guide Memo describes the University's property and liability insurance coverage. For information on other insurance coverage, see: Business travel accident insurance: Guide Memo 2.3.1: Survivor Benefit Plans....

2.4.5 Protection of Property

This Guide Memo outlines departmental responsibilities for safeguarding University property.

2.4.6 Indemnification

This policy covers indemnification of employees.