Easy-to-create websites for your teams

Launch an intranet for your company, a project site for your team or a portal for customers with our site builder. All without writing a single line of code.

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Project site creation

Create sites as simply as writing a doc through an intuitive editor. That means teams don’t have to rely on IT specialists or web developers.

Bring together the right content in one place

Develop team sites with important content from projects, the latest sales materials or details about the company picnic.

Google-powered search to find content across Sites

Use Google search to find the right information across all of your internal sites. Make it easy for sales, support or anyone at your company to find their answers fast.

Gadgets make adding content fast

Enhance your site by embedding calendars, maps, videos, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Now everyone can visit one central location to see the latest updates and content.

Sharing controls keep data safe

Manage which individuals and groups have permission to view or edit your site. Choose to make it available to certain coworkers, your entire organization or anyone on the web.

"We created an intranet using Google Sites that became the company’s primary means of communication to employees."

Keith Evans, Standard Parking

Top questions about Sites

Can I purchase a domain through Google?

Google can help you purchase a domain through one of our domain host partners. During sign up, just select the option to 'Buy a new domain.' We'll then guide you through the process to help you set up Google Apps for your new domain.

Can Google Sites appear under my domain URL?

Yes. Your project site can appear under your custom domain URL. As people navigate your site, they will remain on unless they click an external link.

Can external visitors access a company site?

Yes. People outside your company can access your site, even without a Google Apps account. You can also opt to restrict access through sharing settings.