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A Letter to Incoming Students


From the veteran trees to the fledgling saplings, welcome back to another exciting year at the Farm! As we all settle down from the start of school, we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves as your ASSU Executive.

We are Justice Tention and Vicki Niu, and as your ASSU President and Vice President, we have a variety of responsibilities. These include developing impactful projects and initiatives to make the Stanford experience better for all of us, and liaising with the Stanford Administration to present and help resolve the concerns of every student...

In the Spotlight

A(bilities) Hub: Resources for Students with Disabilities

In keeping with Stanford's mission to promote diversity and foster cross-cultural dialogue and in conjunction with Disability Awareness Week, we would like to announce plans today to establish the Abilities Hub for the Disability Community, or the A-Hub.  The A-Hub is an initiative to foster engagement of the disability community on campus, beginning with temporary space working towards a long-term solution: an established community center with a full-time director.

The A-Hub is centered in the Stanford Career Education Student Services Building.

Read the full announcement here.

Public Meetings

  • Undergraduate Senate Public Meetings:

Tuesdays at 7pm at Nitery, Room 209

  • UGS Appropriations Meetings:

Sundays at 7pm at OU 103

  • Graduate Student Council Public Meetings:

Wednesdays at 6pm at the Grad Community Center, Nairobi Room

  • ​GSC Funding Committee Meetings:

Mondays at 7 pm in the GSC offices on the second floor of the Graduate Community Center.