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What is Handshake

Handshake is an online platform to connect students and employers that capitalizes aspects of the social web to connect students and employers. Students can use it to follow employers’ activities, discover opportunities and events, and schedule appointments with their Career Coach. Students can also make their profile visible so that employers can seek them out for opportunities.  Employers can register for career events, join our Partners Program, and post opportunities.  Get started by logging in.

For more Handshake information and support click here


When should I start thinking about a career and how do I get the most out of BEAM?   

Begin building your personalized network early in your Stanford career. By gaining clarity of your skills and interests and exploring various career fields, you are more likely to be successful in understanding and obtaining your future career goals. Browse our website, log-in to Handshake, and meet with a Career Coach to learn about opportunities that will help you on your journey toward meaningful work. 

How do I make a Career Coaching appointment

  1. Visit Handshake to make a 15, 30 or 45-minute appointment with your assigned Career Coach
  2. Click on “Request Appointment”
  3. Choose your category
  4. Choose your appointment type
  5. Click on the calendar and choose a date to check for availability

How do I cancel my appointment with my Career Coach?

  1. Visit Handshake
  2. Click on Your Upcoming Appointments
  3. Click on the bluetext that lists the name of the Career Coach with whom you’ll be meeting
  4. Click on the red“Cancel Appointment” button

By canceling your appointment at least 24 to 48 hours in advance you give your peers an opportunity to have an appointment that might be otherwise difficult to get.

What can I expect from an appointment with a Career Coach?

You can expect to discuss the career-related issue(s) that are most important to you.  Your Career Coach has the knowledge and expertise to assist and guide you in your career-related goals and aspirations for meaningful work.

What is the best way to find out the schedule of career fairs and other career events?

For a list of upcoming career fairs visit: Handshake

How do I register for events/meetups/labs?

To register visit:  Handshake and select your event from the list of upcoming programs.


How do I post a job?

Posting a job is easy in Handshake. You should see the 'Create a Job' button in the center of your screen on the left.

Having trouble? Click the Help button to contact tech support via chat!

How do I host an event on Campus?

We have 3 options for locations that can be used for recruiting events.  You can contact these locations directly to arrange your event. Please be sure to let us know the details so we can market your event! 

1.    Tresidder Memorial Union

2.    Stanford Faculty Club

3.    BEAM Room Rentals

How can I get information about my jobs and events to students?

Handshake is our key platform for information dissemination including job and internship postings and employer events.

Our Partners Program is a great way to get extra exposure. 

Do you have a resume book I can purchase?

Handshake allows customizable searching of students by class level, major, graduation year, and more.  Resumes for these students can be generated in bulk to a PDF document.

Because of these search features, we will no longer be providing a resume book as a service. ­

How can I connect with faculty?

·      Join our Speakers Bureau to be considered for classroom presentations

·      Become a partner for invitations to special events and check with your industry consultant for other potential points of connection.

·      Stanford University also has Corporate Affiliate Programs connecting employers to faculty research projects, fellowships, scholarships and other academic department opportunities.

How can I work with student groups?

Consult with your Industry Specialist for the most relevant student groups. Please note that student groups must abide by University Policies when interacting with employers.

How can I become a mentor?

There are opportunities for "mentoring moments" with our many events and programs open to employers ie Career Treks, networking, panels, career expert meet ups. Alumni employees may participate in our Stanford Alumni Mentoring Program.

I need some help with my Handshake account. Who do I contact?

There are two ways to receive help from Handshake.

1.     Contact them via email at

2.     Inside the program, click help at the top right corner, and choose ‘contact technical support.’ Someone will answer you via message directly in Handshake.