HWE Sample Group Goals

As a member of a Healthy Work Environment (HWE), you can earn $100 for participating in group goals for one quarter (10-week engagement). The HWE group Ambassador, in coordination with group members and the BeWell support team, will help formulate these goals and arrange for their accessibility to group members. Sample group goals include the following:

Physical Activity:

  • Facilitate Walk-and-Talk meetings.
  • Incorporate stretching breaks into the workday — "Unwind At Your Desk"; “Work Breaks, Exercises, and Stretches”
  • Facilitate and encourage physical activity breaks during long meetings.
  • Form a group that meets for midday breaks or lunch activities such as walking, biking or going to the gym.
  • Schedule a Wellness on Wheels (WOW) fitness class that will come to you!
  • Develop walking maps. Measure the distance in halls and around the building to help employees in your department set walking goals.
  • Promote a stairwell campaign.


  • Provide healthy food options in kitchens, break rooms and meetings.
  • Set up a homegrown fruit and vegetable exchange.
  • Promote a water consumption awareness campaign.
  • Bring a WOW Nutrition class to your group.

Stress Management:

  • Provide customized seminars on such topics as workplace stress or difficult conversations.or difficult conversations (WOW class, Help Center).
  • Encourage short respites from the computer with a list of short guided meditations (such as the "5 Minute Breathing Space"), music downloads, or visits to nearby spots of quiet and beauty.
  • Set aside time each month for silent reflection at the Windhover Contemplative Center or nearby spots of calm and beauty.
  • Add time for appreciation and acknowledgements to staff meeting agendas.
  • Join the Stanford Educational Farm Flower CSA and brighten your worksite with fresh flowers.

Health and Community:

  • Lead regular team-building activities.
  • Promote flexible schedules to support work/life integration.
  • Increase awareness and participation in campus programs: BeWell, Health Improvement Program (HIP), Stanford Recreation, Work/Life Office, Faculty/Staff Help Center, and Cardinal at Work - Learn & Grow.
  • Encourage the use of “Well Time.”
  • Develop activities to support BeWell 2016 themes.
  • Conduct recognition activities for employees making efforts at healthier lifestyles.