An eclectic approach to wellness

Nathan McKenzie, Wellness Advisor

Nathan McKenzie was raised in a multicultural home in the Bay Area, and he was taught to be mindful, compassionate, and respectful of those around him. With a mother who is a registered nurse, dinner discussions often revolved around health, wellness, and patient care — exposing Nathan to the intricacies of public health at a young age. He was inspired to pursue a career in public health and to work in the culturally diverse community where he grew up. 

As an undergraduate, Nathan majored in Health Sciences, with a concentration in Gerontology. After losing two of his grandparents to fall-related injuries, Nathan returned to school to study kinesiology in order to better understand the complexities of physical therapy and rehabilitation as they pertains to geriatric health and wellness. Equipped with a unique background in public health and rehabilitation, he worked as a physical therapy aide for three years before working as a rehabilitation coach at Abilities United, which serves the geriatric community of Palo Alto. 

Nathan’s work in the field of rehabilitation led him to realize that many of the conditions he was seeing could have been prevented. This realization inspired him to pursue a Masters of Public Health degree with a concentration in Community Health Education at San Jose State University.

As an American College of Sport Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Nathan understands the connection between physical activity and overall health. As a triathlete, he finds inspiration from his friends, colleagues, and community during races, training, and weekend rides. He enjoys the social aspect of triathlons and likes swapping stories about great runs, rides, and personal accomplishments. Lastly, as a foodie, Nathan is always looking for new and creative ways to cook, relax, and have fun.

With an eclectic educational, work, and cultural background, Nathan feels that Stanford University and the BeWell program make a perfect match. As a Wellness Advisor at Stanford, he looks forward to sharing his experience and knowledge with the Stanford community.  

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