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Meet Laura Becker-Lewke

Laura Becker-Lewke, BA, LLB, MBA, grew up in Chappaqua, NY and graduated from Wellesley College. She earned her law degree from McGill University and her MBA from New York University (now called Leonard Stern School of Business). For ten years of her adult life, Laura has lived in three foreign countries: Germany, Canada, and France. She is tri-lingual and brings a unique international perspective to BeWell.

Meet Nicole Cooper

Nicole Cooper was raised in Southern California and was very active in a variety of sports, including gymnastics and soccer. As an athlete, she learned the value of exercise, hard work, and teamwork. However, many injuries sidelined Nicole, and she wanted to understand how to prevent and rehab these injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions after reviewing your 2016 BeWell Program, click on any of the following sections to find answers to your questions about the different wellness program components:

HWE Sample Group Goals

As a member of a Healthy Work Environment (HWE), you can earn $100 for participating in group goals for one quarter (10-week engagement). The HWE group Ambassador, in coordination with group members and the BeWell support team, will help formulate these goals and arrange for their accessibility to group members. Sample group goals include the following:

Physical Activity:

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