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Courtesy Faculty

Kathryn Barton

Phone: (650) 325-1521

Genetic and environmental control of leaf and meristem development

Joseph Berry

Lab Website
picture of Devaki Bhaya

Devaki Bhaya

Lab Website
Molecular ecology of phototrophic communities, metagenomic analysis, cyanophages

Carlos Bustamante

Phone: (650) 725-5067
Lab Website
Population, medical, agricultural, and computational genomics. ancient DNA

José R. Dinneny

Lab Website

Daniel Fisher

Phone: (650) 725-1204
Lab Website
Evolutionary dynamics and cellular biophysics theory
How photosynthetic organisms perceive and respond to their environment

Jonathan Payne

Phone: (650) 721-6723
Lab Website
Paleobiology and macroevolution

Alfred M. Spormann

Phone: (650) 723-3668

Metabolism of anaerobic microbes in diseases, bioenergy, and bioremediation

Irving Weissman

Phone: (650) 723-6520

Clonal events leading from HSC to leukemia stem cells

Paula Welander

Phone: (650) 723-7341
Lab Website
Microbial physiology, molecular geomicrobiology, lipid biosynthesis