Research Financial Compliance and Services (RFCS) consists of five primary organizations: Cost and Management Analysis; Sponsored Accounts Receivables and Cash Management; Property Management Office; Research Policy and Compliance; and Research Financial Reporting. RFCS provides compliance oversight and services to Stanford’s research community and supporting infrastructure.

  • Cost and Management Analysis (CMA) determines, proposes, and negotiates the Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rates and Fringe Benefits Rates. CMA negotiates the F&A amount for the SLAC contract with the Dept. of Energy (DOE). CMA also provides cost analysis studies and financial planning support for the university.
  • Sponsored Accounts Receivables and Cash Management performs billing, receipts and collections for all sponsored (government and non-government) awards in the university. They are also responsible the remittance of federal interest.
  • Property Management Office (PMO) is responsible for personal property (capital assets) administration. PMO facilitates recording and tracking of asset records, including maintenance and warranty information; calculates depreciation; manages physical inventory and issue reports to management and sponsors. PMO also runs the university surplus sales and reuse programs.
  • Research Policy and Compliance (RAPC) develops administrative policy for extramural research in conjunction with the Dean of Research Office and Office of Sponsored Research, interprets federal policy, manages federal and non-federal audits of sponsored activities, and manages recharge activities. RAPC supports and develops systems that aid financial compliance.  RAPC manages the university burdening process and addresses school and departmental research financial compliance questions.
  • Research Financial Reporting designs and produces reports supporting the research financial activities and replies to federal research report requests.  Research Financial Reporting also manages the accounting for sponsored research revenues.


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Research Financial Compliance & Services