Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently-asked questions about the Stanford Campus Map Application. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please contact us at Maps and Records with your questions/feedback. We can be reached by submitting a HelpSU ticket.



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How do I find a specific building or location?

Very easily! Use the search box to search by building/room name or number, facility ID, address, or keywords. Our robust application will narrow the search down to the closest match for similar keywords. If the location exists; it will be marked on the map with a red marker. Keyword suggestions: 09-110, 340 Bonair Siding, Lane Reading Room, Neukom Building, Daper Department, etc.

How do I view more information about a specific building? E.g. room info?

When the building is marked on the map, click on the name of the building. It will display the popup window that contains additional information such as organizations located in the building, pictures, aliases, description of the building, floor plans (internal Stanford only), directions, ADA info.

How do I print, share a location on the map?

  • Print (via desktop) – Click on the printer icon at the top right corner of the map.
  • Email: Click on the email icon at the top right corner of the map; the link will be included in the email body.
  • Share link –
    1. On the map find the location you wish to share; look for pin drop – for e.g. Visitor Center
    2. Click on the 'share this map' icon located at the top right corner of the map
    3. The menu expands to display a link to the location. Copy this link and you can share it with others – for e.g. when you want to send someone a link to a location on the campus via email – paste it in email body.
  • Embed map in your website – Copy the link via 'share this map' icon. Paste it as an iframe in your HTML code.

How do I get directions to a building or location on the map?

  • Search for the building. Once a location is marked on the map, a "Get Directions" option will become available in the info window. Clicking this option will pull up the Get Directions side bar. Here you can enter an origin location to obtain directions to the specified building.
  • If you already know your from-to addresses – Click/tap on the Menu icon; select the 'Get Directions' option. Here you can enter an origin and Click on the 'reverse arrow' icon to swap addresses.

How can I find points of interest, eateries, parking and other info?

Click/tap on the Menu icon to check out the many available options to explore Stanford University fondly known as "the Farm". Select or hide categories to mark on the map.
✔ Visiting Campus
✔ Life on Campus
✔ Parking & Transportation
✔ Safety & Security

How do I clear pins from the map?

Easy! Just click the "Clear Selections" button located at bottom of the categories on the Explore pane.

What should I do if I can’t find a map layer that I’m looking for?

First, try narrowing your search. Instead of searching for Tresidder Union, try Tresidder. The full name is actually Tresidder Memorial Union which is why it is not found. Or try Admission instead of Admissions for the department search. If you are still having trouble, please contact HelpSU.

How do I know what am I looking at? What are the pins and markers on the map?

Clicking on the 'legend' icon on the right top corner explains the icons/markers plotted on the Campus Map.

Map Controls

How do I refresh/reset the map view?

Click/tap on the 'home' icon on the top right corner of the map. This will reset and refresh all previous search result and categories that may have been selected.

How do I expand the map area?

Along with its own simple management tools, Stanford Campus map uses the familiar navigation of Google Maps.

  • Zoom in/out – In the upper right corner of the map, use the +/- buttons. On mobile device, pinch in to zoom in and pinch out to zoom out.
  • Move (pan) – In the upper right corner of the map, just click your mouse and drag the map. On mobile device, tap on the screen and drag.
  • Close/Collapse the Explore side bar (if open).
  • If on a mobile device, change the orientation to landscape mode. This will provide a wider map area.

How can I see the street view of a location on the Campus map?

Simple! Just grab the little orange man on top right corner of the map and drop him anywhere along a main street. Within Street View, you may use the same controls that work with map overview to pan and zoom. Please note that the satellite images that make up Google Street View may not be 100% up-to-date.


How do I find my current location?

In the bottom right corner of the map, click 'compass' icon. The map will move over to your location and a blue dot will appear where you are.

More Help

How do I see the satellite view of the Campus Map?

Click on the 'Satellite' button toward the bottom of the map. Your search result and category selections will also carry over to this view!

How do I see Marguerite live Shuttle Map info?

Click on the 'Campus Shuttle' button toward the bottom of the map. You will be directed to the Real-time Marguerite Shuttle map.

Who maintains the Campus Map and who do I contact to provide feedback?

The Stanford Campus Map is developed and maintained by Land, Buildings and Real Estate (LBRE). Department information is updated nightly and reflects information in iSpace, the system of record for space. The basemap, road networks are maintained by Google Maps.

To provide feedback or submit queries please file a HelpSU ticket.