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Address a Workplace Concern

Workplace concerns can take many forms and, when not addressed, they can detract from your success and fulfillment as a Stanford employee. Stanford provides a wide variety of resources to help members of the University community address questions / issues that may influence their experience at Stanford. You are encouraged to take advantage of these many resources to assist you in understanding the policies and procedures at Stanford, or in resolving matters that may affect your success at Stanford.

View a complete list of resources and contacts available to employees to for addressing a workplace concern.


Some federal and state laws limit the level of confidentiality that can be maintained.  University resources that will maintain confidentiality are:  the University Ombuds Officers, the Faculty and Staff Help Center, and the Deans’ Office for Religious Life.  Discussing your concern with one of these offices will not constitute notice to the University, nor will it create a record of your concern at the University.

  • The Ombuds Officers can help employees identify and evaluate options to resolve problems, understand policy, and coordinate informal resolution of concerns and disputes.
  • The Faculty – Staff Help Center can provide professional, confidential short-term counseling to Faculty and Staff.
  • The Deans’ Office for Religious Life can provide confidential advice, consultation, information and support to faculty and staff.

Many other resources are available to assist employees, and the individuals representing these offices will handle your information with sensitivity and discretion.  If you request confidentiality, they will take reasonable steps to safeguard privacy and confidentiality.  However, you should know that your conversation may not be held in confidence, as Stanford supervisors, faculty, and administrators have an obligation to report certain workplace concerns, such as (but not limited to) sexual harassment, policy violations, and allegations of illegal activity.  These resources can help employees understand Stanford policies, identify and evaluate options to resolve problems, and coordinate informal and formal resolution to concerns.