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WorkLife owned and managed lists are for Stanford affiliated community only. Please do not subscribe to the list if you are not affiliated with Stanford. These lists are for Stanford University and Hospital employees, students, postdocs and their spouses and partners.

Smiling Asian female staffer walking with her cheerful elderly mother.

SeniorNet: For Seniors and Caregivers


  • Elder care resources
  • Advice from other caregivers on caregiving
  • Information about WorkLife and other related campus events
  • Affordable senior care assistance equipment
  • Monthly Caregiver Seminars on campus

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Male Caucasian faculty member carrying young daughter on his shoulders.

ParentNet: For Parents


  • Child care
  • Parenting advice and tips
  • Items for sale
  • Playgroups
  • Family events and outings
  • University events and outings

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Asian male staffer and his Caucasian wife holding infant daughter with Stanford arches in the backdrop.

Over the Rainbow: For Alternative Families (Adoptive, LGBT, Multiracial, etc)

A distribution list for alternative families (adoptive, lbgt, multiracial, etc.) on campus to share information and resources.

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Female professor emerita sitting on stairwell with her husband, children and two grandsons.


Are you interested in parenting, elder care, active living, work and life integration or child care? Do you need resources or program information on these topics? To receive announcements on workshops and special events related to helping you balance your work and life, this list is for you!

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