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Review these steps for making and changing appointments with career counselors, as well as our confidentifiality agreement.

Making an Appointment

  1. Review the CCN counselor bios, noting office location, hours and contact information
  2. Make an appointment directly with the counselor of your choice
  3. Print out the CCN Statement of Service Form and bring it with you to your appointment. At the time of the appointment, pay the counselor with a personal check. Be sure to collect the completed CCN Statement of Service Form at the  end of your session.
  4. Follow the steps outlined in the Eligibility & Reimbursement Policies to receive reimbursement from your STAP funds, provided you have available STAP funds

Changing an Appointment

You are required to inform the counselor about a cancellation or rescheduling request at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If notice is not provided within this timeframe, the counselor has the option to charge for the missed appointment. Charges for a late or missed appointment are not reimbursable.

CCN Confidentiality

The specific issues discussed between you and the counselor are not shared with Stanford representatives. CCN counselors do collect and share demographic, trend and customer satisfaction data with the university.