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Learning Management System (STARS) Tools

Our learning management system is called STARS: Stanford Training and Registration System. Use the system to enroll in learning courses and programs, and to track your progress or the progress of your direct reports. Below are some helpful resources to guide you in using STARS.

Key Resources

  • All Learning Page: Learn how to use the All Learning page, an online summary of your STARS learning activity
    • Reference Guide: overview of the All Learning Page; terminology including screenshots. Note: based on the September 2015 redesign.
    • FAQ: document of frequently asked questions
  • Glossary: Learn the terminology and description of common STARS keywords for STARS Administrators
  • Learning Records: If you manage people, use STARS to view the learning records of your direct reports (and those in the organizational hierarchy below their direct reports), and/or add courses as "planned" activities to your employee(s)
  • STARS Certification/Recertification Program: Learn the steps to enroll in a STARS Certification Program. A Certification is a type of program that has a fixed begin date and end date. Typically, tests that learners must pass to become certified for a set period of time are included. Recertification is also addressed.
  • STARS Training: Learn how to search a course, browse the catalog and launch and complete an online activity in STARS
  • Training Needs Assessment: Use the Training Needs Assessment Tool (TNAT) in STARS to identify required training for Learners. The tool guides you through a series of questions related to your work responsibilities. Based on your responses, TNAT will generate a list of required training courses tailored to your role(s).

Guides for Course Administrators and Content Developers

Additional Training

  • Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) hosts many safety training courses that require a secondary registration process as they are not in STARS. Please see the EH&S Training FAQ page for additional information.