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A tool to help you track your accomplishments and successes throughout the year.
 A tool to help managers and employees clarify which of the 20 Stanford Competencies will support their success in achieving Expected Results.
Use this form to request reimbursement following a Career Counseling Network appointment.
Questions for managers and employees to review to help them prepare for development discussions.
Ideas for Education-Based Development: learning by instruction from an expert, through classroom instruction and online courseware.
Worksheet for employees and their managers to fill out together as part of the Goal Setting and Development Planning discussion.
Ideas for Experience-Based Development:  learning by doing, through new roles or on-the-job “stretch” situations with real performance consequences.
Ideas for Exposure-Based Development: learning by observation, through rich feedback and connections with others.
A detailed example of how goals and competencies support development and performance.
A simple one-page, fill-in-the-blank template for setting a goal.