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Application & Reimbursement Process

Application/Reimbursement Process

We partner with EdAssist to administer the Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program. To submit your application, view pending approvals, track reimbursements and get important updates, visit the STRP Portal.

Launch STRP Portal


Key Deadlines  

Application Submission:
Complete no earlier than 90 days before the term begins and no later than 30 days after the course start date


You must submit an application every term (semester/quarter) in order for tuition and fee payments to be processed.

To submit your application:

  • Launch the STRP Portal
  • Once the portal has launched, select "Add Application"
  • From the Add Application page, enter the required information to submit your application


All tuition and fee payments will be sent directly to your school; reimbursement to you is not an option.
Expense Reimbursement Requests:
Due within 60 days of the course end date
If you have paid for other covered expenses such as books and supplies, AND your application has already been accepted, log into the STRP Portal to request reimbursement.

To request expense reimbursement:

  • Launch the STRP Portal
  • Once the portal has launched, select "My Dashboard" 
  • Find and select your application in "My Application History" (use the application number from your LOC)
  • On the right side of the Application Summary page, select "Request Book Reimbursement" to submit your application for expense reimbursement
  • Once your application is submitted and approved, select "Submit Documents" from the right side of the Application Summary page to upload required documentation:


  • A course syllabus as proof that expenses are required, AND
  • Receipts that include a breakdown of expenses you paid for books, supplies and equipment


Each document must be uploaded separately.

For more information and assistance in navigating the STRP Portal, refer to the Tutorial for step-by-step instructions.