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Transfer Employment

One of your staff members has taken a new position in another school or unit.* For him or her, it's an exciting time and opportunity. As a manager, it may be an overwhelming process. What can you do to support the transition and maintain a positive and productive workplace?

Below are suggested tips and actions we recommend you take to ensure a seamless transition for your staff employee and the rest of your team. For faculty, visit the Faculty Affairs Office for information and policies related to transferring appointments.


Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health are separate entities from the institution. Therefore, staff employees who end employment with the university are being separately hired at one of the hospitals, and are not considered a transfer.


Request a Project Status Update and Transition Plan

Before your employee departs, it's important to get an understanding of what projects he or she was working on. Request a project status report, which details where the employee left off on each project, timelines and next steps. This report will help you identify where you need temporary project management support until a replacement is hired.

Request a To-Do List

Ask your employee to draft a to-do list of key actions and important tasks that should be completed by his/her replacement in the first few weeks and months on the job. The list may also include lessons-learned or other tips to help the new employee acclimate to their role. This will assist you in prioritizing your new hire's workload when they begin.

Don't Assign New Projects

Now's not the time to ask your departing employee to take on new assignments. Rather, let your staff member focus on completing projects they were already assigned, and redirect new assignments to other team members.

Schedule an Exit Interview

Before leaving, make arrangements for your employee to have an exit interview with your Human Resources manager or representative. At this time, your HR professional will complete a checklist of other action items including retrieval of work and computing-related property, submittal of final payroll/timecard-related items, as well as the transfer of employee personnel and performance files.

Coordinate a Farewell Gathering

To leave a positive and lasting impression, consider gathering your team and other colleagues for a farewell get-together where you can share a few kind words and recognize your employee's contributions. This simple gesture will ensure you depart ways on a positive note. Each school and unit handles farewell gatherings differently, so be sure to check in with your HR professional or school and unit leaders to determine what resources are available to support such an event.

Post the Position and Determine Temporary Support Needs

One of the biggest challenges of losing an employee is finding a replacement in a timely manner. Meet with your employee to review their current job description and make any necessary adjustments.

Once you've finalized the position description, work with your HR professional to post the job and identify next steps in the hiring process. Determine whether the vacancy requires the support of a temporary hire and work with your HR professional to identify a candidate or consult with Stanford Staffing Services to request a temporary staff placement.