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Female staffer with baby and two young sons, working on sofa with laptop
February 29, 2016 | Posted In: Benefits & Rewards, WorkLife
Welcoming a new child is an exciting but busy time. For new parents, returning to work after maternity/paternity leave ends can be a challenging transition filled with excitement, ambivalence and stress. The WorkLife Office offers educational and financial programs, services and resources to help...
Clock inside gift box
January 27, 2016 | Posted In: Benefits & Rewards, WorkLife
The Stanford Community Leave Bank offers a way for staff to share unused vacation time with other staff members who have exhausted their own paid time off while out on a leave.   “When you or a family member has a catastrophic illness, running out of your paid leave time adds financial stress to...
Happy family of husband and wife with young daughter and son joining hands
August 26, 2015 | Posted In: WorkLife
BeWell interviewed Mona Hartmann, Stanford WorkLife Office's child and family coordinator, to gain her perspective on ways to improve family life even as we all juggle work and life’s many other responsibilities and demands. See the "Quality Time" article on the BeWell website.
Blackboard with words "Life" and arrows pointing to words Family, Health, Value, Career and Mindset.
August 13, 2015 | Posted In: Benefits & Rewards, WorkLife
BeWell interviewed Phyllis Stewart Pires, the Senior Director of WorkLife Strategy, about what challenges employees face to integrate work and life priorities, and the services provided to help. See the "Solving the work-life puzzle" article on the BeWell website.
The Formative team: founders Mersina Simanski and Tyler Haydell, their two colleagues and three faculty advisors.
June 15, 2015 | Posted In: Health, WorkLife
When Stanford students Mersina Simanski, ’15, and Tyler Haydell, ’15, decided to create a mobile app to help caregivers in their fall semester mobile health class, they had no idea how it would turn out. Several months later, after collaborating with School of Medicine faculty and Palo Alto VA...