FDI Overview

Now in its eighth year, the Faculty Development Initiative (FDI) has collaborated with schools and departments across the university to bring twelve faculty members to Stanford. Hires span departments in the School of Humanities and Sciences as well as the Schools of Education and Medicine. The Initiative is administered jointly through the Office of the Provost and CCSRE. Professor Al Camarillo, Leon Sloss, Jr. Memorial Professor in the Department of History, leads the initiative as Special Assistant to the Provost for Faculty Diversity.

New Faculty Hired In Collaboration with the Faculty Development Initiative
Ramón Antonio Martínez, Assistant Professor of Education
Jonathan Rosa, Assistant Professor of Education
Alvan A Ikoku, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Medicine
Kathryn Gin Lum, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Ana Raquel Minian, Assistant Professor of History
Jennifer BrodyJennifer Brody, Professor of Drama
Duana FullwileyDuana Fullwiley, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Angela GarciaAngela Garcia, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Corey FieldCorey Fields, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Vaughnn RaspberryVaughn Rasberry, Assistant Professor of English
H. Samy AlimH. Samy Alim, Associate Professor of Education (and by courtesy) Anthropology and Linguistics
JOse David SaldivarJosé David Saldívar, Professor of Comparative Literature
GAry SeguraGary Segura, Professor of Political Science
Tomas JimenezTomás JiménezAssociate (formerly Assistant) Professor of Sociology


News Articles - Early Years of Initiative

A New Era for Ethnic Studies: Stanford center brings in rising stars who can shake up their fields,” Stanford Magazine (September/October 2010) 

“The Color of Change: The Faculty Diversity Initiative (FDI) Succeeds in Bringing Six New Scholars to Stanford” CCSRE Newsletter (Summer 2010)

“Stanford launches Faculty Development Initiative to recruit best scholars of ethnicity and race,” The Stanford Report (December 12, 2007)

Contact: Al Camarillo, Special Assistant to the Provost for Faculty Diversity. (650) 723-1966 or (650) 723-8527. camar@stanford.edu