Why do Chemical Inventory

This information is intended to be used as a guide in research laboratory situations and persons or organizations choosing to use it in any way whatsoever do so entirely at their own risk. Stanford University and the ChemTracker Consortium make no warranties, either expressed or implied, that this information is accurate and applicable for all uses.

Why Manage Chemical Inventory?

  • Tracking: Researchers, lab and building managers, and EH&S units should have specific chemical hazard information at their fingertips for tracking and regulatory reporting
  • Safety: Knowing the hazards of the chemicals used is critical to personal safety
  • Emergencies: Responders can easily view safety and hazard information for use in an emergency
  • Regulations: Federal, state, and local bodies require tracking and regulatory compliance reporting
  • Surplus: ChemTracker allows simple tagging of chemical surplus materials available to others, saving money and preventing waste