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Deborah C. Gordon

Deborah C. Gordon

Executive Director, Preventive Defense Project

Stanford University
Encina Hall, C229
Stanford CA 94305-6165

(650) 725-6501 (voice)
(650) 725-0920 (fax)


Deborah C. Gordon is the executive director of the Preventive Defense Project at Stanford University, co-directed by former Secretary of Defense, William J. Perry, Stanford University and Ashton B. Carter, Harvard University. She is currently serving as Mayor pro tem of Woodside, CA; Vice-Chair and Director, City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County; Vice-Chair, Council of Cities; Vice Chair, City Selection Committee; Chair, Legislative Committee; Member, San Mateo County Housing and Community Development Committee; Member, San Francisco International Airport Community Roundtable; Member, San Mateo County Utilities Working Group, and Member, League of California Cities. Gordon has over 30 years of experience in algorithm design, signal processing, network design, and network security and holds several U.S. and Canadian patents for her work in medical instrumentation. She has developed systems for telecommunications, banking, and medical applications for private industry and government agencies. Her business experience includes corporate division management and she was founder and president of InforMD, Inc. Gordon holds a BS in computer science from the University of Southern California.