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Classics major at the Acropolis.

Megan Chin at the temple of Athena Nike (Athens, Greece) 

Classics Senior Reflections

Meaghan Carley, Latin

(minor in Creative Writing)

"Nothing else in my life has imposed precision like rigorous study of Latin and Greek, and the raw beauty of the languages and the endless complexity of the literature keep me coming back. Throughout college, I’ve been challenged and engaged in ways I could never have predicted as a freshman – always with the help of what is definitely the most supportive department on campus."

Sander Gonzalez, Latin & Greek

(coterminal B.A. and M.A., Classics)










"I have loved studying Classics at Stanford because it has given me a feeling of connectedness---I feel connected to the ancient world that fascinates me, to the brilliant scholars studying it alongside me, and to the world around me which Greek and Latin literature have given me new eyes for."

Christina Smith, Classical Studies

(with a double minor in Medieval Art History & Archaeology)

"When I’m not trudging (with my wellies) through rainy fields to look at ruins, or playing fiddle in a traditional Scottish jam session, it is here—at Stanford Classics—that I feel most at home.  The welcoming energy, incredible accessibility, and genuine curiosity of our faculty and staff are unparalleled.  Even on the most tiring of days, I can silently work next to our graduate students in the computer cluster, but later find myself engaged in lively conversation with them (and my professors) during one of many tea breaks.  (Usually this involves 'nerding-it-up' on the Venerable Bede, Romano-British Venuses, or The Dream of the Rood).  Stanford Classics has not only provided me with a superb linguistic and historical toolkit, but has also fostered in me the need for collaboration, rigorous questioning, and of course, good humor."


Lindisfarne (Holy Island), UK


Undergraduate News

For more undergraduate stories and other news from the Department, check out the Classics Newsletter

Declaring Your Major

Ready to declare in Classics? Apply on Axess and contact the  Director of Undergraduate Studies 

Get Involved with Classics


The Stanford Undergraduate Journal of Classical Studies (Aisthesis) is published annually and distributed to over 100 universities. Authors must be current undergraduates or graduates who were enrolled in the previous academic year. Submissions are open to authors from any university and can be sent to A committee of Stanford Classics Majors select the entries and edit the journal. 

Research and Activities

Classics undergraduates can participate in overseas archaeology, digital research projects, Stanford Classics in Theater (SCIT), and more. See our Projects Page to get involved! 


All Classics undergraduates are eligible to apply for travel funding. In the past, students have received funds for study abroad programs, independent research projects, archaeological digs, Classics conferences, and more. Funding is available for travel in the US and abroad. Learn how to apply on our Travel and Research Grants Page

Affiliated Organizations

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (Duke University)

Classics Majors have the opportunity to study abroad in Rome through the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies. ICCS students come from colleges and universities throughout the country. Established in 1965, the "Centro" attracts several Stanford undergrads every year. Application information can be accessed on the ICCS Website

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Advanced undergraduate students can apply to attend summer sessions of the American School of Classical Studies. ASCSA programs are based in Athens and provide an intensive introduction to ancient Greece through travel and immersion. Summer session applications can be accessed here. For more information on membership and programs, see the ASCSA Website

Archaeological Institute of America

The AIA invites researchers from around the world to Stanford for lectures and workshops throughout the year. In addition to their annual joint conference with the Society for Classical Studies, the AIA provides a databse for fieldwork opportunities, grants and scholarships, and education. Read more on the AIA Home Page

Society for Classical Studies/American Philological Association

Founded as the American Philological Association in 1869, the SCS is the primary association for Classics scholarship in North America. Next year's annual SCS/AIA national conference will be held in San Francisco. Visit the SCS to learn more about Classics organizations, journals, scholarship, employment, and conferences. 


Connect With Classics

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