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PDV 98 — Mindfulness: A Practical Approach for Life and Work

Quarter: Spring
Day(s): Mondays
Time: 6:30—9:00 pm
Date(s): Apr 4—Apr 25
Duration: 4 weeks
Drop By
Drop Deadline: Apr 17
Unit(s): 1 Units
Tuition: $235
Format: On-campus course
Status: Open
Can you remain calm, confident, and centered no matter what challenges you face? Mindfulness is especially relevant in our fast-paced society that places increased demands on our attention, energy, and productivity. With mindfulness growing in popularity, it can mean different things to different people. In this course, we will define mindfulness as a mental state characterized by paying attention in the present moment, being open to new perspectives, and being nonjudgmental. Research shows that mindful people enjoy many advantages in well-being, vitality, and success. This course focuses on cultivating mindfulness as a way of being and as a powerful tool to use in daily life. Our science-based, practical approach blends traditional and modern views of mindfulness. We will expand on traditional views and practices of mindfulness, teaching students techniques for challenging current mindsets and systematically applying mindfulness in relationships, the workplace, personal well-being, and health. Exploring mindfulness through a modern lens, students employ skill-building techniques including meditation. We will engage in paired discussions and reflective exercises, which will help students relate differently to experiences and to see circumstances, themselves, and others more objectively and clearly.

This course may not be taken for a Letter Grade.

Laura Delizonna, Chief Learning Officer, Wisdom Lab

Laura Delizonna specializes in the fundamental practices and skill sets that lead to sustainable happiness and success. She is the author of four positive psychology handbooks, designs mindfulness-based happiness and emotional intelligence programs, delivers trainings and workshops in organizations, and coaches individuals. Earlier she was a staff psychologist at the Stanford School of Medicine. Delizonna received a PhD from Boston University.

Textbooks for this course:

(Required) Laura Delizonna and Ted Anstedt, Mindful: A Self-Coaching Guide and Toolkit (Positive Psychology and The Keys to Happiness) (ISBN 978-1512065763)