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San Francisco Stories: Charles Striplen

EVT 937
May 19
7:30 pm
Status: No Registration Required
The quarterly San Francisco Stories series continues by looking to the Bay Area’s Indian roots and the ways that traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) can be critical for environmental conservation today. Charles Striplen will draw on his background as a Mutsun Indian and an environmental scientist to discuss the ways that local Indians actively managed the Bay Area’s natural resources for thousands of years before the arrival of the Spanish—including the sophisticated application of a system of controlled burning. Drawing on his ethnographic and archaeological research, Striplen will describe Indian life from before the Spanish to the present day and address ways that he and his colleagues in the San Francisco Estuary Institute’s Resilient Landscapes Program draw on Indian TEK to make recommendations to local, state, and federal agencies for managing the Bay Area’s vast ecosystems. Striplen will reflect on ways in which TEK might teach us to be better stewards in the future in the face of a changing climate.

Charles Striplen, Environmental Scientist, San Francisco Estuary Institute

Charles Striplen received an MS and a PhD from UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. At the San Francisco Estuary Institute’s Resilient Landscapes Program, he draws on archaeological evidence, oral history, and archival sources to investigate environmental management practices prior to the Spanish arrival in California and the public policy implications of these same practices today.
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