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Spring Quarter

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Continuing Studies students are welcome to use the new "Stanford Visitor" wireless network while on campus.  

To access the network, simply open a web browser on your computer.* If your computer presents a choice of wireless networks to you, select "Stanford Visitor" (not "Stanford".)

Students using the "Stanford Visitor" wireless network should keep these restrictions in mind: 
  • There is a session limit of 12 hours.
  • There is an idle timeout of four hours. If a wireless connection is idle for four hours, the session will be dropped and the client must re-connect to “Stanford Visitor.”
  • The maximum download speed is 1.5 mbps.
  • Access is limited to web browsing, email, SSH, and VPN.
  • SMTP (port 25) is blocked. Clients must use SMTP over SSL port 465 or 587.
*There is one issue for users of Mac OS 10.7.  If you are using Mac OS 10.7, a blank window addressed to www.apple.com will open instead of the portal access page. To remedy this problem, open a new web page and go to www.stanford.edu. The browser will be redirected to the Stanford Visitor portal. Click Accept. (In Safari, a window may pop open stating the certificate is invalid. Click Continue to proceed to the portal).