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CTR Summer Program

The CTR Summer Program is a biennial summer research program. The objective of this program is to promote the development and evaluation of new ideas in turbulence research. It is expected that novel ideas and preliminary results generated during the summer program will be of sufficiently high caliber to lead to publications and to provide the grounds for new research in the participants' home institutions.

CTR Summer Program 2016

If you have questions about anything related to the CTR Summer Program, please send email to

CTR Summer Program 2014

CTR Summer Program 2012

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The CTR Summer Program has a number of compute resources available, one being a 800 core Linux Compute Cluster. More information about this resource is available at:

The Flow Physics and Computation Support team is available to assist with all computing issues including Stanford VPN installation, printer configuration and other technical support issues. The following web site has information on how to contact them and where they're located:

CTR Summer Program 2006 - Archives