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Nuevo Texto Crítico

Nuevo Texto Crítico is an academic publication sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Center of Latin American Studies at Stanford University. Since its foundation in 1988 Nuevo Texto Crítico has been recognized as a leading journal in the fields of analysis and criticism of Latin American literature and film. One of its main objectives has always been to bring both to the educated and the general reader the best critical materials at the highest level of research, as a means of understanding how modern culture develops in every Latin American country in national and trans-national ways.

The publishers of Nuevo Texto Crítico consider that the vastness and richness of Latin American literature and cinema deserve attention, analysis, and interpretation. The journal is dedicated to study the most important and exciting subjects in the fields of literature and cinema, as an essential contribution to the academic and intellectual development of new ideas, concepts and analytical tools.


Jorge Ruffinelli
Stanford University

Editorial Board / Consejo Editorial

Ana María Barrenechea, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Rosalba Campra, Universitá di Roma
Jaime Concha, UC San Diego
Adriana J. Bergero, UC Los Angeles
Wilfrido H. Corral, Sacramento State University
Jean Franco, Columbia University
Noé Jitrik, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Pedro Lastra, SUNY at Stony Brook
Jacques Leenhardt, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris
Hernán Loyola, Universitá di Sassari
Nelson Osorio T., Universidad de Santiago, Chile
Françoise Perus, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Mary Louise Pratt, NYU
Pablo Rocca, Universidad del Uruguay

Administrator / Administradora

María (Charo) Robinson

Subscriptions / Suscripciones

Libraries and Institutions / Bibliotecas e Instituciones: $ 80.00 / year/año
Individual / Individuos: $ 29.00 / year/año

Correspondence / Correspondencia

Nuevo Texto Crítico
Iberian and Latin American Cultures
Piggot Hall Building 260
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305



El cine de Jorge Sanjinés (49-50)

ISSN: 1048-6380
2013/2014 Vol. XXVI-XXVII No. 49-50




Nuevo Texto Critico

1987 Vol. I No. 1

Nuevo Texto Critico

1988 Vol.I No. 2

Nuevo Texto Critico

1989 Vol. II No. 3

América Latina: mujer, escritura, praxis

1989 Vol. II No. 4


Nuevo Texto Critico

1990 Vol. III No. 5

Modernidad y posmodernidad en América Latina (I)

1990 Vol. III No. 6

Modernidad y posmodernidad en América Latina (II)

1991 Vol. IV No. 7

Nuevo Texto Critico

1991 Vol. IV No. 8

Caliban en Sassari: Por una redefinición de la imagen de América Latina en vísperas de 1992

1992 Vol. V No. 9/10

Nuevo Texto Critico

1993 Vol. VI No. 11

Rodolfo J. Walsh

1993-1994 Vol. VI No. 12/13

Crítica Literaria Hoy: Entre las crisis y los cambios: un nuevo escenario

1994-1995 Vol. VII No. 14/15

Mario Levrero

1995-1996 Vol. VIII No. 16/17

El texto andino: las muchas lecturas
1996 Vol. IX No. 18
Cine y literatura

1997 Vol. X No. 19/20

Revisión del cine de los cincuenta
1998 Vol. 11 No. 21/22
Anthropophagy Today?
1999 Vol. XII No. 23/24


Estudios literarios, estudios culturales

2000-2001 Vol. XIII-XIV No. 25/28

Genealogies of Displacement: Diaspora/Exile/Migration and Chicana/o/ Latina/o Latin American/Peninsular Literary and Cultural Studies

2002-2003 Vol. XV-XVI No. 29-32

Balasar Garzón en Stanford 
2004-2005 Vol. XVII-XVIII No. 33-36
El cine nómada de Cristián Sánchez

2006-2007 Vol. XIX-XX No. 37-40

Nuevo Texto Crítico (41/42)
2008 Vol. XXI No. 41-42
Nuevo Texto Crítico (43/44)
2009 Vol. XXII No. 43-44


Onetti 101 (45/46)
2010 Vol. XXIII No. 45-46
Nuevo Texto Crítico (47/48)
2011/2012 Vol. XXIV-XXV No. 47-48