5.1 Service Center Appendices and Exhibits


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1. Table of Appendices and Exhibits

All the appendices and exhibits are listed in this table for easy reference. You can also find them in the Documents Tab in Related Items in the policy chapter they are associated with. 

Appendix  1

Table listing Service Center vs. Expenditure Allocation.

Comparison of Service Centers Versus Expenditure Allocation

Appendix 2

Current list of all service centers and their contact.

Stanford University Service Centers

Appendix 3

 Abbreviations and Terms Used in the Service Center Manual

DPA Contacts Look Up Tool DPA Look Up Tool

Exhibit A 

Use this form to request a new Service Center PTA. This Excel workbook has four tabs. 

  • Open a new Service Center PTA
  • Open a new Project-Task for an established Award
  • Open a new Task for an established Award - Project
  • Sample Budget 
Request a New Service Center PTA, Project-Task, Task and Sample Budget
Exhibit B Breakeven Calculation Examples
Exhibit C Journal Examples for Service Center Accounting Entries

Exhibits E: External Users Guidelines, Forms, and Information

  • E-1: Use this form to establish a collaborative agreement with external users.
  • E-2: Must complete this form prior to providing services to any external users.
  • E-3 Complete this form if a non-profit external user(s) will be operating equipment in the service center.
  • E-4 Complete this form if a for-profit external user(s) will be operating equipment in the service center.
  • E-5 Use this table to obtain the current and past F&A rates for external users.
  • E-6 Complete this form prior to providing data/tangible materials to Academic Universities & Non-Profit Customers
  • E-7 Complete this form prior to providing data/tangible materials to For-Profit Customer

For questions on agreements please contact Sally O'Neil or Neil Morimoto.

E-1 Research Participation Agreements

E-2 External Sales Proposal Routing Sheet (PRS)

E-3 Non Profit Service Center User Agreement

E-4 For Profit Service Center User Agreement

E-5 Non Sponsored Receivables Rates

E-6 Service Agreement for Nonprofits

E-7 Service Agreement for For - Profits

Exhibit F 

Provides current year end day to day procedures for soft and hard close periods.  This process must be completed within a very tight timeframe.

Annual Memo to Service Center Managers 

Exhibit G

Describes unallowable costs, break-even formula, and hard close journal formats.

Fiscal Year-End (FYE) Closing Reminders

Exhibit H

Describes next FY budget submission requirements.

Next Fiscal Year Service Center Budgets And Proposed Rates 

Exhibit I

Use this form when adding a new service /rate to your service center.

New Service Center Rate Form

Exhibit J

Describes process for adding capital asset(s) to your service center.

Capital Assets

Exhibit K

Guide to Requesting a PTA using the Non-Sponsored PTA Manager in Oracle

PTA Manager for Academic Service Centers and Program Income Facilities


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