4.2 Recording Sales to Internal and External Users

1. Recording sales

Service Center Managers must ensure wire deposits for external users we properly coded at the University Cashier’s Office, and record all non-cash sales in receivable account.

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2. Recording Non-Cash Sales to External Users

Single transactions less than $1,000 direct cost, and multiple single transactions less than $2,500 direct cost may be treated as cash sales. Greater amounts and ongoing service can be invoiced by the Sponsored AR, see exhibit K. They will open a PTA for your user and bill them monthly. The amounts to be billed are entered by the service center via allocation journals.

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3. Documentation of Internal & External User Charges

Documentation of service center user charges should include the level of activity, the rate used to calculate the charges, and the month for which the charge is incurred. This allows service centers to show their users and auditors that the correct rates were used to calculate the amounts charged on monthly allocation journals. Periodic internal or external audits may be conducted on this documentation.

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