Export Controls: An Overview

Intended audiences
PI and research team, Administrators
Time to complete
1 hour
Course contact
Eisner, Steve
(650) 724-7072


This class is a guide for all faculty and staff who administer international research and foreign students at Stanford, export materials and equipment, work with disclosure-restricted technical information, travel internationally, or manage international financial transactions. It is also a one-time prerequisite for Stanford Academic Council Members (Post-Docs, Academic Staff, Faculty, Instructor/Clinical Instructor/Lecturer/Librarian positions) and SoM DFA's/HRM3/HRM4 senior human resource managers (Regular Staff positions) who are sponsoring an H1-B visa applicant for employment at Stanford. It is designed to provide sufficient information for the Stanford research community to be able to do the following:

  • Recognize that an export control issue may exist
  • Locate and use the Export Control section of this website

  • Choose to contact the Stanford Export Control Officer for assistance

Academic Council faculty and SoM DFA's/HRM3/HRM4 senior HR managers who need to sponsor H1-B applicants must complete this course (ORA-1130) as a prerequisite to completing the H1-B Deemed Export Questionnaire within Bechtel's H1-B workflow.


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