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Interdisciplinary Programs

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is home to two interdisciplinary programs, offering a range of graduate and undergraduate degrees. To find out more, visit the program sites below, or browse our undergraduate and graduate offerings.

Earth Systems Program (ESYS)

The Earth Systems Program is an interdisciplinary environmental science major for undergraduates and co-terminal master's students. Students learn about and independently investigate complex environmental problems caused by human activities in interaction with natural changes in the Earth system. Earth Systems majors develop depth and breadth in areas of science, technology, and policy analysis, and learn to approach and solve problems in a systematic, integrative, and interdisciplinary manner. 

Undergraduate degrees awarded: BS, coterminal BS and MS

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources (E-IPER)

The Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources is a graduate program, training the next generation of scholars and leaders to address the world's most challenging environmental and sustainability problems. Drawing on expertise from many areas at Stanford, students integrate disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and approaches to address questions related to energy, water resources, food security, land use, conservation, and climate change.

Graduate degrees awarded: PhD in Environment and Resources; for students in Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Stanford Law School, and School of Medicine, a joint MS in Environment and Resources in conjunction with a professional degree (MBA, JD, or MD)

For additional information, please contact Roni Holeton, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, at (650) 721-3383 or