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K12 Programs

By working with budding scientists and current science students, we offer programs to broaden their understanding of the scientific process. The programs help students understand Earth sciences. The programs are offered free of cost to students and teachers of our local community.

We aim to bring a basic knowledge of Earth sciences to as many people as possible. From GeoKids, in which first-graders get to know rocks, minerals, fossils, and soils through hands-on activities, to our public lectures aimed at interested, non-expert citizens who wish to be better informed about issues of current importance, we hope to engage everyone in the Earth sciences.

Geokids Program

What could be better than a morning of constructing fossils, soil painting and the lava game? First graders from local public schools come on a field trip to explore and experience these fun and engaging activities at Stanford.
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Stanford Earth Young Investigators

At the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, high school students spend 8 weeks in the summer working in different laboratories. The students work on existing research projects and are supervised directly by graduate students, post docs and lab managers. They volunteer for 15-30 hours per week during the summer.
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