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Winter 2016

We highlight many collaborative efforts and accomplishments of our PhD and Joint MS students and alumni, including attendance at COP21 in Paris, the Joint MS Program's Alumni Panel & Capstone Symposium, a new group focused on environmental behavior, and an alumni spotlight.





Autumn 2015

We've been busy with some signature Fall events, including the Chat with the Director and the annual retreat as well as a new event co-hosting a book talk. Additionally, we looked back at the very productive summers for current students as well as new accomplishments among our alumni population.

Summer 2015

We honored a record number of attendees at the annual Commencement Ceremony. We also celebrated our Joint MS Capstone presenters, a PhD student TEDx presentation, and enjoyed reconnecting with alumni at two recent events.

Spring 2015

We launched a new initiative in Winter quarter - collaborative grants for PhD and Joint MS students to work on a project together. Additionally, we celebrated the many accomplishments of our current students and alumni in presentations, teaching, publications, awards, and a new company launch. 

Winter 2015

In Fall quarter, we held our First Annual Meeting, which brought together a community of faculty, students, alumni, and staff engaged with environment and resource issues across Stanford. Additionally, students launched a new Teaching Environment series, and we also celebrated the accomplishments of another cohort of Joint MS student Capstone Projects and caught up with alumni at multiple venues.

Autumn 2014

Summer and early fall were busy for E-IPER students and alumni tackling exciting research projects, internships, and career promotions. We also kicked off the year with several key events, including a Chat with the Director, and the program's Annual Retreat.

Summer 2014

E-IPER looked back at the year by acknowledging our Joint MS and PhD graduates as well as the accomplishments of our six Joint MS students who presented their work at the Spring 2014 Joint MS Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Symposium.

Spring 2014

E-IPER had a strong presence at the Connecting the Dots symposium, and also helped coordinate the first-ever Climate Week @ GSB. A group of E-IPER students continued to inspire collaboration across campus with their SHINE series and we celebrated more publications, awards, and accomplishments of current and alumni students. 

Winter 2014

Some fascinating stories about E-IPER students leading a field course and facilitating interdisciplinary networking opportunities across campus.  Also included were the highlights of our Spring 2013 Joint MS Feigenbaum Nii Foundation Capstone Symposium, interesting field experiences over the past year as well as alumni events in Washington DC and San Francisco.

Winter 2013

E-IPER students shared their travel stories from all over the globe including Antarctica, Australia, and Hawaii as part of their research and teaching efforts.  Also included were the latest awards and achievements of our current students, and job placements for our alumni.

Autumn 2012

Overview of a "typical" summer for an E-IPER student, including fieldwork in Kenya and Alaska, teaching high school students, and interning in engineering, energy, and clerking at a law office. Also included were new career moves for many alumni and a warm welcome to a new group of students and faculty to the E-IPER community.

Summer 2012

We celebrated the accomplishments of our latest group of Joint MS and PhD graduates as well as the completion of another cohort of Joint MS capstone projects.  Looking ahead to the summer, many events were on the horizon including a PhD student blogging from the field as well as many dissertation defenses.

Spring 2012

With a special focus on marine issues, we looked at connecting knowledge to action, saving marine life, diving into deep problems, linking land and sea, and connecting the drops. As always, there were also many awards and publications to be acknowledged.

Winter 2012

This newsletter highlighted E-IPER's graduates, whose numbers and influence are growing as their careers take off.  Included were stories about how they live sustainably by working in careers that address climate change and the Joint MS Capstone Projects' p theme of promoting sustainable lifestyles. 

Autumn 2011

Celebrating our ten-year anniversary, we explored the variety of projects our students pursued over the summer, new and exciting alumni career placement, and remembered important and influential E-IPER affiliated faculty members and leaders.

Summer 2011

Congratulations to our latest group of PhD and Joint MS graduates as well as our Joint MS students who completed capstone projects. Additionally in this newsletter, E-IPER students and alumni were recognized for research, innovation, teaching, and mentoring,

Spring 2011

We discussed creativity in research through the launch of RAD (Research as Design), funded by a SCORE grant through VPGE, and also facilitated several workshops on interdisciplinary scholarship through the Navigating Interdisciplinary Waters initiative, also funded by VPGE.  Additionally, we learned about a GSB service learning trip examining the water challenges in California.

Winter 2011

Our latest group of Joint MS students used their capstone projects to develop business plans and public policy ideas. We also learned about breadfruit, glaciers and forests, and passion for place. We also remembered our champion, Stephen Schneider, at his memorial service. 

Autumn 2010

In this issue, we learned how our students are training the next generation through mentoring and research.  We saw many student and faculty mixing law and science as well as witnessed how far E-IPER's global reach is.

Spring 2010

We congratulated our latest graduates and thanked the many faculty and students who worked tirelessly to make E-IPER the best it can be. Looking at the latest PhD dissertations, we see a theme of creating change, and our Joint MS graduates are moving on to careers that make a difference.

Winter 2010

This newsletter presented students' research, publications, and presentations; spotlights alumni involved in climate and energy policy; and shares a student's journal from the December Copenhagen climate conference.

Autumn 2009

Our Joint MS students spent the summer on a variety of projects including energy efficiency on the home front and globally. Other summer adventures included partering with major NGOs and publishing latest works.

Winter 2009

We were thrilled to announce that Dan and Rae Emmett made an endowment gift to the program, thus resulting in the renaming of our program from IPER to E-IPER. We are honored to have the Emmett name associated with our program and are very grateful for their tremendous support.

Autumn 2008

Happy Seventh Birthday to us! We welcomed new E-IPER students and faculty as well as a new website. Peter Vitousek transitioned in as our new Faculty Director and we looked back at our students' summer activities.

Spring 2008

We shared the names of our latest PhD admits and acknowledged the accomplishments of our latest graduates. We also had many students publish their research and receive awards.

Winter 2008

In this newsletter, we shared news of our move to the new Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building, recognized several students for their presentations, posters and publications, and started recruiting for our Joint MS program.