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Honors Program

Honors Program

If you are interested in pursuing research during your senior year, the honors program provides diploma designation for students who meet the requirements. The honors program in Geological Sciences provides an opportunity for independent study and research on a topic of special interest and culminates in a written report and oral presentation.

Who Is Eligible?

The honors program is open to seniors majoring in GS with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5 in earth and environmental science courses and a minimum of 3.0 in all University course work.

How Do I Apply?

Students intending to pursue honors in Geological Sciences should discuss potential research projects with their advisor during their junior year. Students must submit:

  • the GS Honors Application AND
  • a 2-3 page research proposal prepared by the student in consultation with the faculty advisor

to the department by the end of their junior year, usually spring quarter. Students are encouraged to apply to the program during winter quarter of their junior year and to begin research during spring quarter of their junior year and the summer prior to their senior year.

After Acceptance...

Upon approval of the Honors Program Application and formal entrance to the program, students will indicate their enrollment in the GS Honors Program in Axess.

Course credit for the honors research project and report preparation is assigned by the student’s faculty advisor as GS 199. You must complete nine units by the end of the year, but those nine units may be distributed however works best over the senior year.

Requirements For Competion

To receive a Bachelor of Science with honors designation, students must

  1. Submit a formal, written report to their research advisor no later than the fourth week of their final quarter
  2. Receive approval on the report from the advisor and an additional faculty member
  3. Sumit two signed copies of the report to the department before graduation
  4. Present a public seminar on their research results

The decision whether a given research project merits an award of honors will be made jointly by the student’s faculty advisor, second reader, and the Undergraduate Program Director, and will be based on the quality of both the honors work and the student’s other work in earth sciences.