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Hartley Use Instructions


The User is reponsible for checking out a key to Hartley Conference Center prior to their event. The key must be checked out from the Dean's Office, Mitchell 101. The Dean's Office is open Monday - Friday, 8-12 and 1-5. It is recommended that User check out a key a day or two prior to their event.

The User is responsible for locking up at the end of the event or when the room is not occupied. The key must be returned to the Dean's Office immediately at the end of the event. If the event ends after 5pm, User must return the key the morning of the following business day. User is responsible for providing access to caterers.

Food and drink should be served in the Hartley kitchen.  If it is really necessary for food and drinks to be served from a table(s) in the room, then this table(s) must be clothed. If food or beverage is served or consumed, you are required to arrange a work order to clean the room. This requirement is not negotiable. An online customer funded request for custodial services should be sent to Facilities Operations with an FYI copy to A copy of the work request must be received within 48 hours of the event. The quad and building number for Mitchell Building is 04-560. The room number for the Hartley Conference Center and Commons (kitchen) is 130/131. Work should begin immediately after your function has ended, and must be completed during your reserved time.

Your work order should read:

Please begin work at: (time) on: (date)
Work must be completed by: (time) on (date)
CONFERENCE ROOM: vacuum, wipe tables, and empty trash.
KITCHEN: sweep and mop floor, empty trash and clean sink and countertops.  

Please contact Sylvia Wasmer or 650-736-2499 if you have any questions.

The custodial service will not remove anything left on the counter tops or the tables and they are not responsible for containers left by caterers. Catering supplies must be picked up by the end of the event.

If you are not serving food or beverages and elect to clean the room yourself, you are responsible for vacuuming, returning all equipment used (white boards, overhead projector, etc.) to its stored location, restoring furniture to its standard configuration (see Hartley Floor Plan) and emptying all trash into bins outside the building. A vacuum cleaner is kept in the large closet adjacent to the kitchen. Work should begin immediately after your event has ended and must be completed during your reserved time.  User is responsible to empty compost bins and NO food trash should be left overnight in Hartley.

Stanford has an active recycling program. User is required to take cardboard recycling to the recycling container located between Mitchell Building and Building 550. Recycling bins for bottles and cans are provided in the Commons (kitchen).

The furniture in the Conference Room and Commons must be returned to its standard arrangement after your event within your reserved time. Custodial services will not move furniture. If you need furniture to be moved for you, contact the Labor Shop at Facilities Operations.

Any spillage on the carpet must be reported to the Dean's Office immediately.

There will be a charge of $50 for cancellations made within 48 hours of the event. "No-shows" will be assessed the full cost of the scheduled rental.