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Climate change impacts and adaptation

What are the risks that climate change poses to regional and global food production? And what are the specific adaptations that should be pursued to reduce the risk of impacts from imminent climate changes? For example, will shifting to different planting dates or existing varieties work well, and if so where? What specific new traits need to be developed for crops? The goal of this research is to provide a sound scientific basis for investment in adaptation to climate change.

Wheat is one staple crop that is already being negatively impacted by warming temperatures, and this effect is only expected to increase over the upcoming decades.

Europe is an important agricultural producer that, since 1980, has seen both substantial warming during the growing season and a stagnation of yield growth for important crops such as wheat a

This research works to quantify the interaction between heat and drought stress.

Adaptation of vulnerable areas to climate change is---and will continue to be---an important subject of negotiations taking place in several international forums, including 

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