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Nov 12 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Faculty
Stanford economist Michael Boskin says the Trans-Pacific Partnership is likely to open markets but may produce tougher import competition. 
Oct 27 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Faculty
Frank Wolak discusses a collaborative effort to build an international field research training program, and the inaugural project researching household energy usage in Mexico. 
Oct 21 2015 | Truman Library Institute | Posted In: Awards, In the Press
The Truman Medal for Economic Policy recognizes John B. Taylor's career as an educator, economic policy developer and public servant.  Taylor's research, teaching and writing have contributed
Oct 14 2015 | The Wall Street Journal | Posted In: In the Press
“Workers need time to recover from work,” says John Pencavel, who teaches labor economics at Stanford University. His research has found that employees who put in too many hours in a week or work too many days in a row become less productive over time, with output per hour falling as workers put in...
Oct 7 2015 | Bloomberg Business | Posted In: Awards, In the Press
Taylor came up with a relatively simple equation relevant to central bank benchmark rate decisions. The formula describes the interrelation among inflation, an inflation target, and current economic output versus its potential. It’s known today as the Taylor rule.