Recent Videos

How the Poorest Schools in South Africa Achieve the Highest Results - Video
January 30, 2015
Jonathan Jansen summarizes his January 2015 brown bag lecture on the conditions of South African schools.
Three Factors for Success in Using Technology to Support At-Risk Students
September 10, 2014
In this webinar, Linda Darling-Hammond and Molly Zielenzinski speak about use of technology to explore and create, and the right blend of teachers and technology.
Linda Darling-Hammond on Accountability for College and Career Readiness
August 18, 2014
Linda Darling-Hammond appears in a video for Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA) to discuss the report "Accountability for College and Career Readiness."
Rethinking Accountability: Putting Students and Learning First
June 11, 2014
Watch interviews and videos of speakers from SCOPE's June 11 Rethinking Accountability conference in Washington, D.C.

Photo Gallery

Brown Bag Seminar Album: Arnetha Ball
May 20, 2013
Professor Arnetha Ball discussed the implementation of her "Model of Generative Change" in teacher education and professional development.
Brown Bag Seminar Album: Anthony Antonio
April 15, 2013
Professor Anthony Antonio and PhD candidate Jesse Foster presented findings from their study of college-going culture in high-needs schools across the United States. 
Brown Bag Seminar Album: Condoleezza Rice
April 1, 2013
Condoleezza Rice opened the Spring Quarter Brown Bag sessions with a talk on education and equity.
Brown Bag Seminar Album: Na'ilah Nasir
March 4, 2013
Na'ilah Suad Nasir examined how culture and race influence the learning and achievement of African American and other non-dominant students in urban settings.