In the News

Initiative Aims to Have Teachers Lead Common-Core PD in California
December 2, 2014
Education Week reports on the establishment of the  Instructional Leadership Corps, or ILC, a brainchild of a group of National Board-certified teachers, the California Teachers Association, and SCOPE.
160 teachers to train 50,000 teachers on Common Core
December 2, 2014
State teachers union is teaming up with Stanford University to train 160 teachers in Common Core standards.
CTA launches large-scale teacher training
December 1, 2014
EdSource reports on the establishment of the Instructional Leadership Corps, created by a partnership between the California Teachers Association, the National Board Resource Center at Stanford University, and SCOPE.
California Teachers Association launches Instructional Leadership Corps
December 1, 2014
The Monterey Herald describes how the Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) will prepare teachers to teach the Common Core.
Stanford teams with teacher union CTA to train for Common Core
November 30, 2014
The Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC), a collaboration between Stanford and CA's largest teachers union, is featured in the LA Times.
Deeper Learning: Moving Students Beyond Memorization
November 25, 2014
NEA Today writes on efforts to shift classroom focus from memorization and standardized tests to deep learning and critical thinking development.
To Fight Test Fatigue, Scholars Call for Fewer, Harder Exams
November 24, 2014
EWA reports on Linda Darling-Hammond's presentation at a EWA seminar where she argued in favor of fewer standardized tests that, rather than multiple-choice questions, assessed students' thinking abilities through harder open-ended questions. 
Standardization or Personalization? (Or, how not to fumble the equity ball.)
November 7, 2014
Jenny Davis Poon writes in Education Week about the need to balance standardization for accountability and personalized education, mentioning Linda Darling-Hammond and Diane Friedlander's assessment of No Child Left Behind. 
Report Urges Revamping Student Testing
October 21, 2014
EdSource writes about a new report released by SCOPE recommending alternatives to annual standardized tests.
Do We Need a “New Approach to Accountability?”
October 16, 2014
EduFlack writes on SCOPE's new report calling for a new approach to student testing.