In the News

Teachers' champ
August 28, 2009
The Strait Times (Singapore) summarizes research and policy recommendations  by Linda Darling-Hammond on how to develop and retain highly effective teachers.
Prepare teachers well, create the conditions for excellence
May 21, 2009
An interview with Linda Darling-Hammond on teacher preparation in the Des Moines Register.
Oakland's small schools movement, 10 years later
May 6, 2009
Quotes Darling-Hammond's findings that students at Oakland's new schools made greater test score gains during the previous three years than children of similar backgrounds in larger schools.
An Obama education advisor thinks U.S. schools could take a lesson from Finland and Singapore
December 28, 2008
A Newsweek interview with Linda Darling-Hammond on her work as lead education advisor for the Obama campaign.
McCain-Obama advisors education debate
October 21, 2008
Education Week hosts the archive of this webcast debate between Linda Darling-Hammond, education adviser to Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, and Lisa Graham Keegan, education adviser to Republican nominee John McCain.
NPR interview on education and the election
October 5, 2008
NPR interviews campaign education advisers Linda Darling-Hammond (Sen. Barack Obama) and Lisa Graham Keegan (Sen. John McCain), to explain the candidates' plans for U.S. education.
Small Schools Rising
May 27, 2008
  This year's list of the top 100 high schools shows that today, those with fewer students are flourishing.
Forum seeks a new vision for U.S. role
April 23, 2008
David Hoff of Education Week writes about a new report on national education policy co-edited by Linda Darling-Hammond. 
Hillsdale becomes model for schools
January 31, 2008
  Heather Murtagh takes a look at the success of Hillsdale High's redesign process.
Tiered licensing systems being used by states to help teacher quality
December 17, 2007
This article in Education Week quotes Linda Darling-Hammond on the ad hoc nature of teacher development in the United States.