Recent Publications

Maximizing the Use of New State Professional Learning Investments to Support Student, Educator, and School System Growth
January 21, 2016
The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) introduce two documents to help California schools best utilize professional learning money to support learning around the newly adopted state academic standards.
Community Schools as an Effective Strategy for Reform
January 8, 2016
Research literature finds that community school models offering various agreed-upon features provide an excellent social return on investment and significant promise for providing opportunities for learning and promoting well-being in students and communities.
Growing a Waldorf-Inspired Approach in a Public School District
December 7, 2015
Alice Birney Waldorf-Inspired School, a public K-8 school of choice within the Sacramento City Unified School District, provides a powerful example of
Mapping the Development of Conditions for Collaborative Learning in School Communities of Practice
December 2, 2015
A guide to continuous instructional improvement.


Beyond Basic Skills: The Role of Performance Assessment in Achieving 21st Century Standards of Learning ($12)
April 2, 2010

Linda Darling-Hammond and Frank Adamson examine experiences with large-scale performance assessment in the United States and abroad.

High Schools for Equity: Policy Supports for Student Learning in Communities of Color ($12)
November 1, 2007

Diane Friedlaender et al. take a look at the lessons we can learn from the schools that are successfully addressing the achievement gap in California.

Preparing School Leaders for a Changing World: Case Studies of Exemplary Programs ($25)
May 1, 2007

These case studies examine eight exemplary pre- and in-service program models that address key issues in developing strong leaders.

Preparing School Leaders for a Changing World: Lessons from Exemplary Leadership Development Programs ($10)
April 1, 2007

Linda Darling-Hammond et al. draw lessons from eight exemplary programs to help other educational administration programs as they strive to develop and support school leaders.