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Leadership and Professional Development Programs

CDC Flyer

Career Development Center (CDC) Centro Walk-In Hours

Need help with career advising, resume review and interview skills? Need preparation to apply for job, internships and fellowships? Come by during our CDCwalk-in hours with our amazing colleague and career counselor, Laura Dominguez Chan. For more times and dates, email Laura.

Walk-in hours are Fridays from 10–11 am.

Core Meetings

El Centro Chicano’s Core meetings serve as an open forum for student leaders to share information about their respective volunteer student organizations and Centro-sponsored activities, as well as student needs and concerns. The meetings help to ensure strong roots for community building, collaboration, and better working relations throughout the year among all Centro-housed organizations.

It is a bi-weekly assembly whose main functions include

  • Information sharing and communication
  • Coordination of calendars for event planning
  • Use of facilities
  • Coming together as a community.

Student/Alumni Professional Networking Dinner

The Student/Alumni Professional Networking Dinner fosters and strengthens mentorship relationships between alumni and students. Through a keynote speaker and panel presentations and discussions, students have the opportunity to learn from alumni about life in the workplace, issues particular to various fields and professions and ways to balance family life with community service and career. This annual winter event also provides students with the opportunity to network, learn about what it means to be a Stanford alumni and the many roles and responsibilities that come with that.