Clean-energy revolution is happening, U.S. energy officials and Stanford researchers agree

Can large-scale solar power storage become a reality?

February 25, 2016

By Glen Martin

The recent crash in oil prices notwithstanding, an economy based on fossil fuels seems unsustainable. Supplies of oil, coal and similar fuels are finite, and even if new sources are found, global warming must be considered. Limitless solar power remains the Holy Grail, but among other obstacles to widespread adoption, society needs ways to store solar energy and deliver power when the sun isn't shining.

Daniel O'Neill

Energy Faculty
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Online learning algorithms for electricity network forecasting and scheduling . Data driven (Big Data) methods for energy asset monitoring, management and optimization.  Workload driven methods for energy efficiency and optimization.

Daniel O'Neill

Sustainable Urban System Seminar (CEE 179X)

SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS: Cities are based on several different systems; infrastructures, networks and environments. The effectiveness and efficiency of these systems determine how cities work and how successful a city is at delivering critical services. These systems are not discrete and must be considered holistically as well as individually. These core systems are interconnected and must be treated as such. Understanding one system and making it work better means that cities must comprehend the larger context and how the various systems are interconnected.
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