'Smart grid' needed to shift electrical system to alternative energy


Oct. 7, 2014

By Glen Martin

Electrical grids are balky beasts, and nobody knows that better than Stanford Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Ram Rajagopal. He grew up in Brazil, where no one took electricity for granted. Brownouts were an unavoidable – and sweltering – fact of life.

Stanford scientists develop water splitter that runs on an ordinary AAA battery


Aug. 22, 2014

By Mark Shwartz

In 2015, American consumers will finally be able to purchase fuel cell cars from Toyota and other manufacturers. Although touted as zero-emissions vehicles, most of the cars will run on hydrogen made from natural gas, a fossil fuel that contributes to global warming.

Arun Majumdar

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Nanoscale materials and devices for energy conversion, transport and storage, especially thermoelectric devices and recovery of waste heat. The future of stationary power: electricity grid and natural gas infrastructure, system integration and innovative technologies, finance, policy and business models. Energy's impacts on climate change.

Arun Majumdar