Does living near an oil or natural gas well affect your drinking water?

Feb. 14, 2016

By Mark Shwartz

“The answer to the question is usually ‘no,’ but there are exceptions,” said Rob Jackson, a professor of Earth system science at Stanford University. 

An expert on the health impacts of fossil-fuel extraction, Jackson has studied groundwater quality at oil and gas fields throughout the United States. 

Stanford students again well represented in Forbes’ '30 Under 30 in Energy' list

Jan. 15, 2016

By Mark Golden

Four Stanford University students and recent alumni made Forbes magazine’s annual 30 Under 30 in Energy list. “Energy” is one of 20 categories—from music to finance—in which the magazine applauds auspicious achievements.

Introduction to Physical Oceanography (CEE 262D, EARTHSYS 164, ESS 148)


The dynamic basis of oceanography. Topics: physical environment; conservation equations for salt, heat, and momentum; geostrophic flows; wind-driven flows; the Gulf Stream; equatorial dynamics and ENSO; thermohaline circulation of the deep oceans; and tides. Prerequisite: PHYSICS 41 (formerly 53).

Academic Year: