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Anthology of American Literature, 9th edition, volume 1

The ninth edition of Anthology of American Literature, vol. I revises and expands the widely-taught anthology known for three decades as the McMichael Anthology of American Literature. It features more than two dozen figures who were not present in earlier editions, particularly Native American, African American and women writers. It includes new sections throughout the book designed to help students read the historical, political and cultural contexts that have informed American literary history from the fifteenth century to the mid-19th century, and includes updated and revised period introductions and headnotes. 

About the Author

Shelley Fisher Fishkin

Shelley Fisher Fishkin's broad, interdisciplinary research interests have led her to focus on topics including the ways in which American writers' apprenticeships in journalism shaped their poetry and fiction; the influence of African American voices on canonical American literature; the need to desegregate American literary studies; American theatre history; the development of feminist criticism; the relationship between public history and literary history; literature and animal welfare; the role  literature can play in the fight against racism; the place of humor and satire in movements for social justice; digital humanities; and the challenge of doing transnational American Studies....