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Twitter Fiction/Future Forms

Digital media--from Twitter to the Kindle--are roiling the literary marketplace. But could these new forms and content delivery methods also create new opportunities for creative work? Twitter is a hotbed of adopted personae and clearly false characters; sites from FiveChapters to Plympton are reviving the serial form; new apps feature inventive short fiction. Additionally, established writers, from Margaret Atwood to Jennifer Egan, are harnessing the forms offered by digital media to spur their own artistic invention. In this unsettled landscape, what does it even mean to write fiction? What does it mean to create stories without the assumption of the reader's undivided attention? And what do lessons from our literary history--from Gutenberg to the serial novels of the Victorian age--have to teach us about our current historical moment? These and many more questions will be our subject as we read the exciting work being done in this new world--and then become pioneers ourselves, by writing, workshopping, and publishing our own Twitter fiction and future forms.


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