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Center Leadership

Faculty directors, a small staff, and a board of advisors lead the Center's research initiatives and public events.


Faculty Director, Center for Ethics in Society
Political Science
Picture of Brent Sockness
Faculty Director, Ethics in Society Undergraduate Honors Program
Religious Studies


Executive Director
Picture of Anne Newman
Associate Director
Communications Director
Administrative Associate and Undergraduate Honors Program Coordinator

Advisory Board

Picture of Ken Arrow
Professor of Economics and Operations Research, emeritus
Department of Economics
Picture of Eamonn Callan
Professor of Education and (by courtesy) Philosophy
Graduate School of Education
Picture of Lisa Curran
Professor in Environmental Anthropology
Department of Anthropology
Picture of Barbara Fried
Professor of Law
Stanford Law School
Picture of Pam Karlan
Professor of Public Interest Law
Stanford Law School
Picture of Roberta Katz
Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning
Picture of Josh Landy
Professor of French and Comparative Literature
French and Italian Department
Professor of Political Science and Director of CASBS
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
Professor in Medicine and Biomedical Ethics and (by courtesy) Bioengineering
Center for Biomedical Ethics
Picture of Scotty McLennan
Lecturer in Political Economy
Graduate School of Business
Picture of Alison McQueen
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science
Picture of Michelle Mello
Professor of Law and Professor of Health Research and Policy
Stanford Law School
Picture of Benoit Monin
Professor of Organizational Behavior and Psychology
Graduate School of Business
Picture of Josh Ober
Professor of Political Science, Classics, and (by courtesy) Philosophy
Departments of Political Science and Classics
Picture of Debra Satz
Senior Associate Dean for the Humanities & Arts and Professor of Ethics in Society
Department of Philosophy
Picture of Mehran Sahami
Professor and Associate Chair for Education
Computer Science Department
Picture of Jane Shaw
Dean for Religious Life and Professor of Religious Studies
Office for Religious Life
Picture of Fred Turner
Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication
Department of Communication